Video Management and Monitoring Technology

The proliferation of high definition video conferencing and unified communications drive strong demand for advanced IP video testing, network certification and call quality monitoring. AGT’s video management and monitoring solution - Fathom HD - is an advanced remote monitoring and management tool that ensures high-quality video and helps organizations maximize video conferencing investments. 

Interoperability of the Fathom HD Product

The Video Experts

Designed by AGT in 2004 as the industry’s first ISDN to IP migration tool, Fathom HD today is the only independent HD IP video testing, certification and call quality monitoring tool in the market. Operating at every endpoint, whether standard or HD, Fathom HD works with all major manufacturer equipment and provides tools needed to ensure your video network can support the higher bandwidth demands of HD and unified communications solutions.


  • Quickly identify and resolve IP video quality and reliability issues.
  • Guarantee sharpness, clarity and high-quality video.
  • Monitor real-time call quality.
  • Network certification prior to new technology migration.

Seamless Integration

With an easy connection to a corporate network, Fathom HD provides accurate video quality measurements without the need for a complex integration or upgrade to existing video and network infrastructure.  With more than 10,000 ports deployed globally, Fathom HD is the trusted product of multi-national enterprises, government and international services providers.

Real Traffic Loading

Unlike predictive tools that use synthetic or simulated traffic to calculate video quality using assumptive measurements, Fathom HD uses real traffic loading to inject video calls on the network to determine actual call quality.

For more information on Fathom HD and how its technology can make video easier for you and your organization, schedule  a demo with one of our video experts today.

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