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A Picture Tour of Our New HQ Office & Demo Center

This year has been one of tremendous growth and positive change for AGT – one of the biggest changes being our move to a new HQ office space, which features a cutting-edge demo center where prospective and existing clients have the opportunity to interact with many of today’s leading technologies. We are excited to give you a quick tour of the new office, highlighting a few of our favorite spaces and technologies.

Website Updates! All About Our New Solutions Section

Last year our website underwent a huge facelift, including a new look and feel, improved functionality on both desktop and mobile devices, refreshed messaging and more. In an effort to further enhance the user experience on our site – and to give a more distinct picture of what we do as integrators – we recently unveiled a new “Solutions” section, which details the variety of collaboration spaces we design, integrate and manage for clients. Let’s take a look at some the features of these new pages!

3 Technologies You Need in Your Huddle Rooms

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that we are big fans of huddle rooms. They’re small, they’re easy to implement, and they allow small groups to meet in a productive setting without the hassle of having to reserve a large conference room. Once you settle on huddle rooms for your organization, your next step is to decide how these rooms should be outfitted in terms of technology. Below are our suggestions – remember to keep it simple!

How to Create the Meeting Rooms Your Employees Want

We have all been there – it’s Monday morning, and the first thing you see in your inbox is a calendar invite for a long team meeting in the stuffy old meeting room nobody likes. You immediately dread the thought of spending hours in there, surrounded by complicated and outdated audio visual systems you don’t know how to use. What if you could create meeting rooms that you and your colleagues actually enjoy using – ones that are user-friendly and facilitate interactive and productive collaboration? Here are some tips on creating the conference rooms and collaboration spaces your employees want.

Celebrating the A/V Industry – Nureva Span Demo Day

For most people, October means the start of cooler weather, changing leaves, pumpkin patches and Halloween festivities. For those in audio visual professions, October is a special time to celebrate and promote our industry – which is fairly niche – sharing insight and news about the latest technologies, trends, training opportunities and more with the world. AGT has celebrated A/V Month in big ways in the past – in 2014 by partnering with the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, and last year by conducting a survey to gain insight on how end users were utilizing their A/V environments and what their goals were for 2016. Our goal for A/V Month this year was to give current and potential clients hands-on experience with innovative A/V solutions, which can transform the way their organizations collaborate.

4 Ways A/V Integrators Should Support Their Customers

Support – it’s a service every organization wants from their A/V integrator, but one not everyone receives. While your integrator may claim to offer a plethora of support options after an install, are they delivering truly flexible and helpful services you can count on? Consider this – you’re in an important town hall meeting, connected with executives from around the world, and all of the sudden your video infrastructure crashes. Who do you call? You should ideally be working with an A/V integrator who can not only provide prompt support when issues like this arise, but who can also monitor and manage your systems to proactively prevent such occurrences. Here are four ways we think A/V integrators should support their customers.

Which Collaboration Space Best Fits Your Needs?

Finding the collaboration space that best suits your organization’s needs and budget can be tricky, especially when you’re not well-versed on what these spaces are typically outfitted with in terms of technology, furniture and other components. The good news – we’re here to help! From large auditoriums and event spaces to classrooms and boardrooms, we have designed and integrated it all. Which of these situations best describes your specific need?

7 Tips for Deploying New Interactive Technologies in the Workplace

In today’s always-evolving technology landscape, it can be hard to keep up with what’s outdated, what’s new and what’s up-and-coming. On top of that, how do you pick and choose which solutions are right for your organization? When new technologies emerge in the space, such as interactive displays and touchscreen whiteboards, how do you drive usage across your teams? In an effort to answer these questions and more, we teamed up with T1V to construct several tips on how to choose and properly implement new interactive technologies in the workplace. Let’s take a look!

Ideation for Any Industry  

The Nureva™ Span™ system is one of the most unique interactive tools for team collaboration on the market today. Nureva has taken everything we love about paper-based collaboration processes – such as the flexibility of large open workspaces with sticky notes, flip charts, whiteboards and more – and has brought them into the digital age. Perhaps the best part is that everything is stored in the cloud, where teams can view, edit and add content at any time, regardless of location. This all sounds great, but how are companies actually using the Span system to enhance collaboration within their organizations? Here are a few use cases for multiple industries and departments.


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